*Emotions Are True*

May 13, 2009
By kissedbytheMoon SILVER, Morehead City, North Carolina
kissedbytheMoon SILVER, Morehead City, North Carolina
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She never wanted to feel this way
as she sits there waiting
for him to walk by
her heart rate runs sky high
she starts to sweat & shake
as he turns the corner
but it seems like he just
walks right through her
he dosn't see her love for him
he dosn't see her as her head spins
she is just a ghost to him
he dosn't even know she existes
but as she sits there & starts to cry
he sits beside her & asks her why
she tells him she loves him
& he just stares
like he dosn't even care
but three little words come out of his mouth with pride and joy
& her heart rate begins to ponce
as he says " I LOVE YOU"
she never thought it could be
the one she loved is at her nee!!

The author's comments:
This poem was about me but i guess not every one can have a happy ending at least for now!!!!

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