The Key

May 13, 2009
By OfTheFaithful GOLD, Litchfield Park, Arizona
OfTheFaithful GOLD, Litchfield Park, Arizona
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Once, a long time ago,
The key to my heart was shiny as can be.
Stored away within my lover’s jewelry box.
To her, my heart kept unlocked,
For she was the love of my life.

A distant hour,
Risen out of my nightmares, appeared before me.
…When I found another key in that box…
A new and shiny key,
While mine lay there,
Dusty, buried beneath a new assortment of trinkets…

At this sight, my heart tore and sunk.
Falling fast,, until it hit the bottom of the abyss.
With my last bit of strength, I grabbed my key, held it in my hands, and fell to my knees.
And with this last gesture, I took my final breath and fell into an eternal rest.

My love came home later that night,
To find only a folded note written by her deceased love.
And inside it was the key…
Slowly dissolving into a mere cluster of dust.

As she walked away from the last remnant of him,
She heard a voice speak softly into her ear.
A voice that said, “I love you,” following with sounds of his cries
That which faded into the nothingness of the night.

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