May 13, 2009
By Not_Zac SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
Not_Zac SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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To you who know you’re faith is real.
Ignore my words.
They’re simply how I feel.

And for those of you who wish they could believe.
Your minds they’ll only deceive.

A man lives with heart, soul, and passion.
He is alive.
The real soul to live freely without ration.

The misguided follow God’s fate.
Until death seen too late.

They are a puppet to their own life.
Never finding their answer in strife.

Throwing all their problems upon him.
They’re weak.
Wanting forgiveness for living, aka a sin.

The man sees life as an adventure.
He is everything.
And will leave this world happy on his departure.

The faithful see life as a test.
They are nothing.
And will leave the world as the rest.

We all die.
Only some of us live.
Some are happy.
Some have sinned.
But in the end
No one wins.
What we are is what we were.
We started as nothing.
And we’ll end as a blur.

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