May 13, 2009
By Felexir SILVER, Henderson, New York
Felexir SILVER, Henderson, New York
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It was the eyes that changed color
Like the earth changed seasons
From chocolate brown to the green of ever-ripe grass
It was the hair of many hues
Filled with the scent recognized
As hers alone
Never to be forgotten from my mind
The haunt of her smile
Will make me twist inside
Always to make me return for yet one more glance
It was the spirit free soul inside
Always roaming the road for one more
Adventure, an endless cycle of amusement
The adventures we’d have
The memories we’d make
Always makes me eager to see her yet one more time
The feel of her in my hands
Like a silk curtain ever flowing around me
The completion of a cycle
With no ending at all
It was the laughter
Ringing through the air
Forgetting all my troubles
With just her in my head and my heart
It was that Celestine smell
I care not the name
Just the scent of it flowing through my nose
As soon as she approaches
That scent, more addicting
Then the strongest drugs or alcohol
The tantalizing aroma that wafts through the air
Until the unlucky day it fades, only to be replaced again
The smile that warms me up
No matter the chill that runs through the air
The feel of her hands clasped in mine
A print forever marked on my palm
If only I could see her somehow, every day
I’d still not get enough of her
She said she liked poems
I hope this one was good enough for her
It was the only definition I could think of
That defined the uniqueness in her
However, there are not words
Yet made, I could righteously use
To define who she is
As a person, and as a friend.
But now the flower fades
The problems now arise
The gap between grows
And eventually we’ll just separate
I can’t stop the drift between us
It is not caused by me
The scent of her and the mark on my palm
Will eventually disappear
Somewhere deep in my memory
Never to be seen again
The clouds have descended
And silence now reigns
Where laughter once filled the air
Is the troubled quiet of a troubled sleeper
The clouds have descended,
The path toward time with her
is now blocked and not in sight
Eventually the sun will shine
But her face will not be with mine
Basking in the brilliance of
a thing called day
the path will be seen again
but this time with a fork where
two people have separated ways
and their lives will go on.

The author's comments:
THis poem was about the girl i was in a relationship with. We had so many good memories, before the troubles began. It went through a dark stage and i made it through, stronger then I was before.

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