May 13, 2009
rules that no one cares about
words spoken,but seldom heard
care-free havoc invading the blissful peace that envelops our thoughts
why do they care if we wear jeans with holes above the knees?
why can't we wear hats or beanies?
no cell phones!
Don't make me tell you again!
and all their wasted breath falls mute upon deaf ears of we who are forced to reside here...
don't you KNOW we don't care?
don't you ever THINK that maybe we have a point?
don't you WONDER why you say some of the things you;re saying(things you say even though you are against them)
don't you remember what it was LIKE to be a kid?
to be stuck inside learning things that are irrelevant to your day?
WHY do you talk to us that way?
Is it because you care?or do you simply like listening to the sound of your voice???
teacher,why do you "teach" us the "rules" when YOU don't abide by them yourself???
maybe the truth is that we ALL have something to learn here....

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