The Beginning and End of Love

May 13, 2009
By rawritskendra BRONZE, Madawaska, Maine
rawritskendra BRONZE, Madawaska, Maine
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Your heart is the most beautiful part, so use it. (Justin Timberlake; KCA's 2011)

Since the sun came out your pretty face was all I saw
Everything around me never existed but you
My life and love was devoted to you
My one and only
My true love
I look into your eyes seeing the bright light of beauty
I hold your hands feeling the butterflies floating around
Telling me that this is the start of a new life
I touch your soft lips with mine feeling a dream come true
A beginning to a happy ending

After days and months we were together it seemed like life happened
It seems like someone came between us being happy
A mark
A sign
A piece of life telling us we are not meant to be
Is this true or just a dream?
Is life falling apart before my eyes?
Seeing another person holding your hand
Looking into your eyes
Kissing your soft lips
I can’t bare the pain and confusion
Maybe this sign is right
Maybe there is no love for me
Maybe this love was meant for her

What do I do besides sit here and watch you go
Watch you be happy with another person
How can I bare this heartache?
I can’t
It will never go away
My love is for eternity
No one else can have this heart the way you do
My love for you is forever
Even without the happy ending.

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