May 13, 2009
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you get up and go to school
get up and face your fears
act like nothing hurts inside
your just a girl, so that's okay
go home in a mess
cry all night
cut your wrists and see the blood,
feel your pains dripping down and away

get up go to school,but your fears would always come back
bullies talk and throw around a punch or two
you go hime and cry all night
cut your wrists again and again
your parents know, but no one cares
your just a girl, so that's alright
your friends don't mind, and tell you to do it again
you go home and write a note saying I love you all, but that's a lie
you cry a last time and say goodbye
so now your fears are gone and away forever

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Olympians said...
May 28, 2009 at 6:07 pm
awesome poem. that is some good writing skills you got.
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