Notting Hill

May 12, 2009
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August 30 ྈ
crowds turned out and began to mix
carnival was in the air
people walking around without a care
music played, people danced
the police slowly advanced
sent there to keep the peace
their numbers began to increase
police arrested a young pickpocket
a brick flew out just like a rocket
fed up with racial discrimination
blacks demanded alternation
the police charged amongst a hail of bricks
the rioters picked up wire and sticks
running through the streets, shouting and smashing
arms flailing and windows crashing
shouts ring out, more join the fray
rioters fed up with the discrimination of yesterday
cars flipped over burning bright
police beat down, its not a fight
people fed up, demanding change
leading up to this exchange
equal rights for everyone
Notting Hill, destination from Caribbean
66 people arrested in that fateful Clash
it brought change by being brash.

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