May 12, 2009
By Kimberly Smith BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Kimberly Smith BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Blank piece of paper sits on the floor
Not a word to read just imagination
As I look around and there is nothing to be found
White walls and windows that don’t tell stories
Start to bore me
Then the blank piece of paper became busy
The way the finger prints of blank minds couldn’t fill
The foot marks of rushed beings, water stands at the edges
Then I started to wonder how old could this paper be
The way the brown creep up on it when it was abandon in my attic
The mystery made me uneasy
The way we just buy knew papers because this one we couldn’t fill
Someone left this paper here to rout
Left the paper without thought
Unfair how loads and loads of papers are printed and turned in to professors and kindergarten teachers
While this on sits in my attic
So in my art class
He told us , be creative , turn something in that you’ve never thought of before
So I look at you pasting in my room the night before
People come in with posters of brilliant painting they’ve worked on for months
You helped me pass, this hard art class
Because when he asked me how long I’ve worked on it
I replied about 18 years
Then my throat cleared
I knew it was coming
“And what do you call it”
Ummmm Untitled

The author's comments:
It just an expression on how college student come up with te most creative things to pass a class. lol the whole peom is about creativity and imagination its a wonderful thing

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