Look at me

May 12, 2009
By caitlin brown BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
caitlin brown BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
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Look at me.
A simple girl in a plaid skirt.
In assumption; I probably appear to be...
“Out of this world”
And that’s okay because this other world that I am currently hanging out in is nothing like...anywhere I’ve ever gone before...
My knees are bent beneath me, half- avoiding the lawn spiders I know are there, but in truth I wouldn’t really mind to have them crawling on me.
And yes, just like hallmark I’m sitting at the base of the oldest most magnificent tree I’ve ever set eyes on.
Now I move...
Okay I’m back.
Instantly I notice that the view isn’t nearly as great from this angle,
But it’s better because the rays of the sun are no longer beating down on right my temples;
As if to directly transfer some sort of message to my central control station or brain...
I haven’t the slightest of how I appear to others around me...
But inside here, in my mind I’m covering innumerable varieties of thought and ponder as I marvel at the thousands of buds hanging just above me.
The first sign of the annual spring...I brood at just how many annuals this old tree has lived through...
Without me.
How many more annuals will this tree live after I have gone?
Intriguing...most definitely.
I hear the burr of the “weed-whacker” off in the distance...
And suddenly memories of summertime and house work fill my head.
(I won’t bore you with those just yet)
I now sit here thinking that I have chosen to go back home to Wyoming...
My first thought is sadly...Cowardice.
However my second thought is much more remarkable than a basic one word response.
Astonishingly for the first time beneath this tree at school,
I realize...
I’m here for an education.
An education of the world.
It’s not the algebra skills that I’m forced to learn and bound to forget but the fact that I’m learning them.
When I look at this tree I think to myself,
“I have asked myself before, what do I love more than anything else?”
And now, under these branches I know what that is.
I love the world.
And no matter what, I’m going to reach the point where the world itself is at my fingertips.
Where the nature of those buds is only an arm-length away,
and where my love for the world is most definitely accessible.
And that my friend is my final destination.
When I reach that point in life, I will have found my personal contentment.
If for a second I think that this beautiful scripture is the “key” to my destination then in reading Homer’s epic novel The Odyssey I learned no lessons and no morals.
There is no direct path containing all of my answers. And with that,
I am finally okay.
My motivation in reaching that final destination...
How many buds of each annual spring will I produce?
How many springs will I live to enjoy?
Up until today each year this tree has lengthened its roots and built a foundation for the thousands of annual spring buds its out stretching limbs give life to each year; today I sat beneath it and finally the phenomenon of this magnificent tree’s life touched me.
If I could be any living creature in the world I would have to chose a bird, quite honestly so that I could see the world without interaction, and perch on the branches of this very tree.
The view from that angle may be better and yet worse because from that angle I would be day dreaming about sitting in this one.
My expectations soar quite high, yet my founding roots will forever be stationed in the soils of Wyoming, a true essence of, “the equality state” where my wings of a bird, my roots of a tree, and my heart of a better person can live together...as one.

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