The Winding Road of Life

May 12, 2009
My heart has found a fork,
In the winding road of life.
Not yet knowing which way to turn,
It hesitates, looking one way then the other.

It is torn this way and that,
Deciding the best path.
And sometimes I feel it tearing in two,
For both roads seem so right.

To the left,
Almost certain heartache;
Yet a connection felt deep inside,
Like the bond of friendship, but tighter.

To the right,
Comfort and a steady pulse;
An understanding and a fondness,
That is felt no other place.

And so I am alone,
To choose my own path,
With not the help of a friend,
For the choice is mine alone.

The road I choose,
Will lead me into,
A new chapter of my life;
A love blossomed anew.

So with my pride on my back,
Love in my heart,
And a song in my soul,
I keep walking on,
Down the winding road of life.

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