A Sliver of My Being

May 12, 2009
By knmoeller BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
knmoeller BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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I am just me.
I wonder if there are others who believe in them.
I feel this emptiness within this place, how long it will stay…no one can be sure.
I smell fear. It brings me to my knees and my body begins to tremble.
I hear the silence. It can save just as it can kill.
I am just me.

I pretend not to be just like you.
I see you. Huddled in your tiny corner of shadows. You can't escape fate.
I touch the wing. It carries me yet I can see through it. Transparency.
I worry for I have the queer sensation that I may never know.
I cry out but you don't hear me. Why? Why can't you hear me?!
I am just me.

I know I am guilty of self-deceit, for it's the one thing I have mastered.
I always forget how to be myself. For I lose sight of who that is.
I dream of You. The seed of truth within my soul.
I try and I try. But mostly I fail. Although it's a hard road to travel, I refuse to quit.
I hope I never do.
I am just me.

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