Those I Cannot Name

May 12, 2009
By Hannaleiigh PLATINUM, Kittery Point, Maine
Hannaleiigh PLATINUM, Kittery Point, Maine
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Those I cannot name

live above my mind in a pedestal

untangiable words, that live in no language,

fester here

I make believe I can reach you here

and follow through with my words, and the images it produces

I begin to question,

if I thought in color or number,

tiny electric pixels

my thoughts have been in another mind,

my hand just bothered to describe in glory,

of another girl who has no story

gasping at air for inspiration, won't let it slip through

I glide here, an emotion fighter

I ride here, a desperate writer

looking for any cracks in your wooden door,

you're sore, oxygen pumping

physical reality can be grasped, you're like a smack in the face

such a harder trail, for my mind to erase

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