I Love you.

May 12, 2009
By Demetra PLATINUM, Coupeville, Washington
Demetra PLATINUM, Coupeville, Washington
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The music bounces of the wires into your headphones,
Your eyes studied the door,
Your head leaned back into the hard wall,
Your Hands crossed behind your head,
I stand their studied you,
Arms dangle from the limbs,
My eyes trapped on your face,
my lips in a tye between a smile and I confused frown,
My head tangled in my thoughts,
What were you thinking,
why didn't you move?
Why didn't you turn to look at me,
Why didn't you do the usual,
Stand up and hug me,
then with the slightest movement your mouth spit out the words,
I followed orders afraid to do otherwise,
I sit down next to you,
and your hand moves over mine in tangling our long fingers,
you look at me and pull the headphones off of your ears that were covered by your long brown hair,
And a smile escapes from your dead face,
and you say the words I've been longing to hear,
You've been thinking it over and your heart mind and mouth made an agreement,
you loved me.
and I returned the words,
I love you too.

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