It's You

May 12, 2009
I can’t hide it,
That’s just not me.
This anger inside,
Is like a roiling sea.

The insults that would roll,
Off my tongue with great ease,
Are now stuck in my throat,
And I feel I can’t breathe.

You think I don’t notice,
You think I don’t care,
But to see you with her,
Is difficult to bear.

I see you together,
And this anger starts to build,
And soon I feel like screaming;
I squirm and can’t sit still.

Why do I notice?
Why should I care?
This bitterness I feel for her,
Will drive me mad, I swear.

But alas, this is your life,
Not mine,
And if you have no care for me,
Then that’s just fine.

Only time will tell how I feel for you,
But if you asked me true,
I’d have to tell you,
From the bottom of my heart…

That it’s you, and only you.

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