Malevolent Eyes

May 13, 2009
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The Forest surrounded me as I ran. My toned legs throbbed and my short breaths came less and less frequently. I looked for a place to stop and hide, but I could feel my predator gaining on me.I could feel his malevolent gaze set on my hurried body. The thick forest was hard to maneuver in, but it proved no obstacle for my chaser. I pumped my legs until they were numb with pain. Then I came to a clearing and abruptly stopped. I needed to keep going. I couldn’t let this person kill me or my baby. Without warning I turned around only to a see a devious man push me to the soft earth beneath my feet. Looking up I found his violet eyes glaring at me. “Evangeline your time has come. Your destiny awaits you,” his malicious eyes flickered to my stomach, “Your child will be born in two days. You and Marciano will be blessed with a beautiful baby girl. You are to name her Mercelda Alison. If you don’t,” he plunged to the ground and I could feel his sharp teeth graze my delicate neck, “you will regret it.” His teeth broke into my artery.

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