Counting The Tears

May 12, 2009
Breathing under water.
Flying on paper wings.
Giving yourself over to him.
In a single touch.

Hanging on his every word.
Counting the smiles.
Counting the kisses.
Living in a fever dream.

Clocks ticking backwards.
Running out of time.
Pulling far apart.
Still gripping for his hand.

Rips in paper wings.
Falling down and landing hard.
Kissing one last time.
Counting the tears.

A cracking in his voice.
An empty ravaged mind.
Scattered beads across the floor.

Wishing on a falling star.
Wishing on a soaring hawk.

Landing on a phone line.
Listening for his whispers.
His quiet “I love you”’s.
Counting up the words.

Listening to his tranquil breathing.
Counting all the ins and outs.
Waiting for his return.
Waiting for his return.

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