False Exterior

May 12, 2009
By Ashley Sharp SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
Ashley Sharp SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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Just not enough…
My greatest achievements look minuscule when set next to yours,
You tower over others and me in a room filled with people,
You smile and are gracious as they sing your praises,
You seem to be perfect--having no faults,
But I know that’s not how it is.

I know that without the crowd, you’re cynical and pessimistic,
They lift your confidence and build you up,
So that you can always take satisfaction in the fact that you’re better than them
That they aren’t on your level
I know that you look down on them.

I know what you think when they give you admiring comments,
That they aren’t worth your time nor do they deserve your concern.
They just don’t fit the bill;
They don’t make the cut;
Aren’t up to your standards.

But I’m here to tell you,
I don’t care how many people know your accomplishments,
Or you’re many exciting stories,
Nor do I know or have any interest in knowing how many awards you’ve won.
I won’t spend my days waiting to here gossip on the happenings of your life.

You used to be like everyone else.
You used to work hard and keep your head down;
You used to do whatever it took to get the job done right;
You used to get it done without compromising yourself.
What happened?

You let your desire direct your life…
Twist your life into an endless desert,
With only the comforts of your achievements to sustain you,
And no other nourishment nearby to encourage anything else to grow.
You forgot what was important.

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