Why only me??????

May 12, 2009
By emosk8rchick BRONZE, Anson, Maine
emosk8rchick BRONZE, Anson, Maine
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"Holy Macoroni Batman!"

Why do they only pick on me??

Don`t they have better things that they can do with their time??

I know I am strange.

I might be a little deranged.

But once you get to know me,

Not just judge me by my face.

You know that old saying

That your parents and your kindergarden teacher kept on telling you,

“Treat people they way you want to be treated.”

But they don`t go along with that....

They just take it and say “Whatever.....”

I am not going to take it anymore......

If they come near me,

I`ll get up and leave.

I`ll SCREAM!!!!!!

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