Gliding into Spring

May 12, 2009
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The sun returns and shares ist warmth:
It chases the icy winter away.
Flowers start blooming, presenting their beauty
Nature gives birth to fresh flora and fauna.
Wind rushes through branches and twigs
Down below, the brisk breeze whispers along

Swiftly my flock glides in unson
Cheep, cheep is the sound that echos again and again
Through valley and plain, through jungle amd desert
The clear sky is reflected in our eyes and talons
Black, brown, white and grey: feathers spiralling from the heavens high
Thereupon we descend upon the harmonious earth

Emotional euphoria as we soar across the wild blue yonder
Endless freedom of body and soul
Our minds have reached the everlasting bliss
Engulfed by utmost calm
Until we settle to a nest and roost
Awaiting our voyage to the south once more

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