Home of The Brave

May 11, 2009
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Two buildings standing tall
No one thought that they would fall
The sky was blue, the air was clean
A day that everyone had at one time seen
A young boy kissed his dad good-bye
A tear drop in his left eye
“Hey bud I’ll be back soon”
I’ll take you to the park Thursday at noon
A mother of four boarded the plane
It took off in the Boston rain
No one expected what happened next
No one expected happened next
A big loud sound, yet silence to
A plane had crashed, for a reason no one knew
People stood in both fear, and awe
They couldn’t believe what they then saw
Another crash, a burst of fire
Smoke lifted high in a stately spire
The building fell like a castle of sand, spreading all over Manhattan land
Then a monstrous serpent of dust
All over the streets people were thrust
There was a lot of metal and, piles of junk
The hearts of Americans completely sunk
Lives were lost because of this
All of the victims we will sorely miss
The United States felt dark as a cave
But we are still the land of the free and the home of the brave!!

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