lost in myself

May 11, 2009
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I feel so lost in myself
There’s no finding a way out
Like all exits are blocked
I’m screaming for help.

No one can hear me
Its an endless cry
How do I solve this?
I cant even try

I’m so alone inside

I’m trying to pry out of my life
I want to run away and become someone else
But there’s no helping this
No one can help
I’ve tried and I’ve tried
But I’m left here to die

Tell me how is it..
That with so much help
At a time of loneliness your left by yourself
For no one to understand
Not even a soul
Its all quite fixable to them
But they’ll never really know

It’s a battle ill have to fight
But winning this ..I have my doubts.
The strong young girl once inside
Is no longer there. She’s gone to hide
Hide away from the troubles. The pain the fear,
Reality stress even her peers

All she wants is it to be fixed
The whole in her heart …all of her tears
Just wash them away.. Away from here
Where they’ll no longer linger
Shell no longer fear

Shell break free from herself..
Prosper and grow..
Become the young woman we all used to know

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Anjo! said...
May 17, 2009 at 9:20 pm
i know exactly what you mean.
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