Snap Shot

May 11, 2009
By Ashley Mead BRONZE, Moultrie, Georgia
Ashley Mead BRONZE, Moultrie, Georgia
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My fellow soldiers in battle fight for three plays,
but they are sadly defeated.
It is the last play of the drive
and it is up to me.
I am the last line of defense
and there is no room for error.

The rain has hindered my grip upon the ball.
But there are no second chances.
The clock has only given us a limited amount of time,
just enough for one more play.
As soon as I become one with the saturated slick leather,
all is silent.
The crowd instantly transforms into muted silhouettes.
It is time.

I stare into the eyes of the holder
waiting for the anticipated ready call
which will then put the game into my hands.
I am in control.

I must be precise in my aim,
for I only have one shot…one chance.
I wait for my natural born instincts to give me the strength
that I need to start the battle.

The ball only has a short distance to travel,
but it seems to spiral forever.
In the split second before I stand against my adversary,
I can see water droplets flying off the ball all directions.
I hold strong to give the kicker his precious time…


The kick is…good.

The author's comments:
I am a High School long snapper and this is what long snapping is to me.

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