The Mother Sent to Me

May 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Mothers are gifts from above;
Sent to nurture and love.
They guide us in all that we do.
They care and support us too.

This all became very clear,
Starting my second year.
At age two I couldn’t know,
What would come to help me grow!

I began to feel a presence so near;
I just knew I would love it dear.
I became to know it as Mom;
With it I remained calm.

You were this “mom” in my life;
Sent to lead me through strife.
Through my life you’ve always helped me;
Without me paying a fee.

Today I thank you for all this;
When I’m grown, you’re one I’ll miss.
My “real” mom you may not be,
But you’re the perfect one for me.

So this is why I say…

You are a gift from above;
You were sent to nurture and love.
You guide me in all that I do,
And this is why I love you!

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my stepmom on Mother's Day because she has been with me since age two. She is a true blessing from God!

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