My Best Friend

May 11, 2009
"Never leave the one who loves you,

for the one you love.

Because remember, the one you love will leave you,

for the one they love."

These are the words my father said to me.

If only I had listened.

I would be rid of the pain

and the wishin'

He was my best friend

who asked me out

but i was in love

with someone else.

He left me with fears

and a guilty conscious.

I left him with tears

and a broken heart.

He was my best friend

and i miss him so.

He's the only one

I love and really know.

But my feelings for him, are just those for a friend.

Nothing more

Not the way he wanted them to be at the end

I'm sorry, my friend.

For the tears and the pain.

Oh, how I wish i could say this,

and get out of the rain.

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