May 11, 2009
By Anonymous

As she walked along the subtle treacherous sea shore,
She imagined the display of the beautiful ocean,
A painting of her existence,
Her whole story,
A journey of loathing,
Of envy,
She yearned be happy,

Reaching out to the astonishing sea,
She cried,
Like so many things in this world,
She sought to be loved,
Apart of the earth

A warm breeze of sweet smelling honeysuckle bounded her,
She felt uncontrollably joyful,
Soothed and subtle,
Like the waves of the nightly sea,
Serene yet steady

She could feel the intensity of the wind,
No longer alone,
She now knew it was not over,
Her whole existence was not all a catastrophe,
She knew she was a fighter,
This is one fixation she could not let except to be destroyed.

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