May 11, 2009
By Identity. BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
Identity. BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
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Speaking slowly, whispering to the night
Praying to God that you'll be alright
Open and vulnerable, bleeding your thoughts
The thirst for forgiveness turns into knots

It pains and it burns, but it won't go away
Not until he forgets what you did today
Persist until the insomnia, that turns night to day
Takes all of your troubles and melts them away

A small, beautiful and pounding heart
Beating so hard, it could glow in the dark
Hoping with all of your heart and your mind
That there's a way to fix this that you can find

Holding him to you, body and soul
Never wanting him to let you go
All of a sudden the idea comes to you
You know what to say and you know what to do

You sit down and you pray for its worth
That every lost tear will force it to work
You write down a poem, shortened at best
But heartfelt and loving and unlike the rest

Darkened charm, with no emotion spared
As you finish the verse you breathe a breath of clean air
You remind yourself, anything for him
And you pray to God this will never happen again

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