Bright Red Star

May 11, 2009
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Last night I wished upon a bright red star
I had never seen before
Twinkling, sparkling, and grasping my attention
Effulgent against the dark blanket of the sky

No other star gleamed as bright
As that glistening ball
Outshining others by its presence,
Challenging them to match its intensity

And thus humbled the stars became,
Bowing their light in its direction
For a second ephemeral in time,
It absorbed this energy

Suddenly, the bright red star
Exploded with enormous strength
A blue, violet, and blinding white light
Swallowed it into a massive black hole

Tonight I gaze into the sky,
Seeking intently my bright red star
Gone but not forgotten
The grand star I once wished upon

And in its place I find another star
Not yet aged to luminosity
Nevertheless a hint of red,
Inching onto its pallor facade

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