The Magician

May 11, 2009
By Alayne Lynch SILVER, McLean, Virginia
Alayne Lynch SILVER, McLean, Virginia
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A beautiful truth, you carved out of lies,
And from all your defeats sprung a wonderful prize,
From the hand of the healer you brought my demise,
You told me I could see if I just closed my eyes,

An ignorant smile, you made out of pain,
And from the world’s loss you stole your own gain,
You let yourself live while others lay slain,
Watched as millions were killed, your tears were all feigned,

A city you built, from the ruins of mine,
In a crumbling church you erect your own shrine,
You made an army of killers from those young and benign,
Upon the banquet of the hungry you slowly dine,

Yes it was a beautiful truth, which you carved out of lies,
But you cannot stop our persistent tries,
You cannot silence our proud ringing cries,
For only the tyrant, his people, denies.

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