I Remember

May 11, 2009
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When I write
A thought comes, then it goes
Where does it go?
I may never know
Imagining things,
That may not ever happen
But remember I'm just begining...

I remember when I, was pushed around
I remember when I, people spit on me instead of the ground
I remember when I, was treated like nothing
It took me a while to realize I was made of something
I remember when I, couldn't except myself, me
I always wondered,
Who made me?
I remember when I, thought because I couldn't defeat words, I had to use my fists
I remember when, my family had no place to sleep at night
I remember when, people called me fat
I took it all in, and people said I would snap
As you can see I didn't do that
At least not yet
Now I know who and what I am
Guess what?
Your poet is here
And she has no type of fear Because it's a new year

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