Summer Time

May 11, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s eighty degrees above,
I think that I am in love.
Summer has had my heart,
From the very start.
My mind is finally at ease,
About these report card D’s.
I just want to relax,
And do as I please.
The heat makes my brain crazy,
My days are certainly lazy.
All I do is have fun,
I don’t have time for working.
When summer time is done,
I will worry about work then.
I drive around all week,
In my green SUV.
Listening to bootleg albums,
Of Lil’ Weezy and Young Jeezy.
I skateboard all day,
With my bud, Mike Brown,
Making do with what we have,
In this cement deprived town.
But, we still have loads of fun,
Making something out of nothing.
Filming tricks in parking lots,
Love hitting that record button!
Spending whatever money I make,
On replacement boards I break.
When my money‘s gone,
Is the only time I get work done.
Bagging groceries for hours,
Isn’t my idea of fun.
But it pays the bills,
So I’m not complaining.
I had awesome grocery skills,
Since I completed training.
Walking to the track,
Not talking about meter dashes.
I mean the motocross track,
Filming tricks and near crashes.
Back flip attempts and ‘going huge’,
All from my lens’ point of view.
Everyone meeting at one place,
Is what made summer time great!
If I ever felt down,
I’d let music bring me back up.
It would move my spirits,
Whenever I felt like I was stuck.
I can’t forget that song,
That made summer time complete,
‘Living the Life’ is it’s title,
By Notorious B.I.G.
I remember hearing it at the DPW,
After I emptied my wallet in my tank.
Driving away angrily,
But then THAT song happened to play.
Happily I forgot,
That my money was lost.
Drove off into the heaven,
That summer time had brought.

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