Ode to the Ground

May 11, 2009
By Nicolas Valenti BRONZE, Denton, Texas
Nicolas Valenti BRONZE, Denton, Texas
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A vast amount
Of time ago,
Ground became part
Of the earth.
And humans,
One of the
Many, many
Dependents of him,
Never stop
And think
How important,
And kind,
And amazing he is.
He is
A very kind old man.
He supplies all life,
For all life grows from,
Or lives within him,
Or eats those that do either.
He is
Three times as important,
Yet a third as arrogant,
As the sun.
The sun
Demands respect,
Or he will
Leave you to die.
One can't even
Make eye contact
Without punishment.
The sun thinks he is the center of the universe.
But the Ground,
Is constantly lowered
By being spat at,
And referred to as "low".
He still gives us what we need,
For he is
A kind,
And forgiving,
Old man.
So, I salute you!
And give you thanks,
For you had much reason,
To let us die long ago.
And you didn't.
And I will remember,
Which one:
The Blessed Ground,
Or the accursed sun,
Is truly radiant
And brilliant.

The author's comments:
After sitting in a cramped car for multiple hours, I had an epiphany about how amazing solid ground is, so I wrote an ode. :)

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