Maybe I'm Just Another Fool (Drenched in Rain)

May 11, 2009
A hushed whisper
Cold, quick kisses upon your face,
Soaking your body,
Seeping all the way to your heart until,
You feel that tingle,
That spark,
That intuition,
The indescribable feeling,
That so many fools have tried to put to words.

A beautiful song,
With a million rhythms,
And just as many lyrics,
Swimming around you
Grabbing at your soul.
You should feel so cold,
Because you're covered not
From head to toe,
There’s not one inch of skin on you
That hasn't been touched
And you don't move an inch
You can't bear the thought of moving
Because maybe then,
Maybe then it will all just be a dream
As you stand
Alone in the rain.

It's an unimaginable feeling
So unbelievable
That you have to try,
Just try,
To share with the world
It’s not the heart. No,
It’s not the head or the mind,
It’s not the gut,
Or the body,
But it's the soul,
Oh! The famous soul!
How often do we speak of him?
But maybe today,
Just maybe,
We’ll do him some semblance of justice.
Because what you're feeling,
Drenched, dripping, delirious
Right now,
Don't move!
You might lose it,
Yes, just stay right there.
Breathe deeply,
Close your eyes,
Reveal in the softness of the moisture,
The smell it gives
As it bathes the world.

Your heart is pumping
You’re excited,
Don't move!
No one can get you.
The hope,
The peace,
The overpowering and overwhelming peace
The feeling that seems to spread
As the rain soaks your skin
Your soul sucks it in
Licking its lips as it sucks the blood of the sky.
The serenity.
Just listen,
Do you hear it?
The soft music
So beautiful,
There’s nothing like it
And it's just so
So hard
To describe,
But I guess,
Maybe I'm just another fool
Drenched in rain.

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Anjo! said...
May 17, 2009 at 7:19 am
oh wow.. i think this is now one of my new favorite poems.. that was.... Awesome? Amazing? Beautiful? Oh, i got the write word.... PERFECT. that is the only way i can describe it.
beautifullyclueless replied...
May 7, 2010 at 11:43 am
i really REALLY liked this one!!! well done!
Quotes_on_Notebooks replied...
May 8, 2010 at 11:09 am

i'm glad you both enjoyed it! your comments mean so much to me. if you'd like i have some newer work on my page that you can read. Thank you so much again for reading!


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