May 11, 2009
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They lurk in dark places
Watching you with hungry looks on their faces
Vampires and mummies
Want you in their tummies.

Their everywhere- just waiting for a chance,
Werewolves transform near the moon with glance
Try and run you cannot hide-
These monsters are already inside.

Hear the banshees scream at night,
Filling you with a sense of fright,
You see the shadow near the tree,
Quickly turn around and flee.

The tap on the door, the thing on the wall,
The bat on the window, that eerie phone call-
Its monsters approaching to take you down
They come in the night- don’t make a sound!

The wicked wind blows, and screeches so strong,
I’m telling you it won’t be long
Go on, run, but you can not win
For the true monster is the monster within.

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