Stranger to his Love

May 11, 2009
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i searched high and low, i cant seem to let love go. I walked down the street, but for some reason me and love could never meet. I waited for love to call me back, love never did that. I hoped and prayed that love will knock on my door, but just like the song love dont live here anymore.Love left me for a love that wasnt better, now all i have is love's empty sweater. Love made me feel so low, i got tired of seeing love come and go. Love made me happy at times but then again love is blind.Love hurts so bad, but i cant lie when love came around i was no longer mad. Love never took me on a real date, Love always had too much on its plate. I couldnt give love my heart for that reason me and love fell apart. Love how i use to have so much desire, now love is nothing but a burning fire. Even though love is gone the pain still lives on.

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