The Eraser

May 11, 2009
By Tyler Stutzman BRONZE, Charlottesville, Virginia
Tyler Stutzman BRONZE, Charlottesville, Virginia
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It was a fateful day, and in truth, quite hot,
Whoever sat down became stuck to the spot,
Tensions were high, t’was near the end of the year,
And those seniors, they felt the last day was quite near.

It was a simple stats class, the material quite dull,
The kind of stuff that won’t stick in your skull,
Some students slept, others doodled and scrawled,
Most sat slouched, hunched, and sprawled.

This was one of those days that ate away at your soul,
You left school to find your brain wasn’t entirely whole,
There was one student, however, who was perfectly animated,
And it was he, to make famous, that this day was fated.

The story goes that this guy couldn’t shut up,
Every teacher thought he was a regular schlup,
He decided math wasn’t exactly his cup of tea,
So he set upon talking instead, you see.

As I already mentioned this day was quite hot,
And hot days tend to make a temper quite rapid to rot,
So when he set up shop in the back of the room,
Many a student’s temper began to bloom.

The room was quite quiet apart from his noise,
No one seemed to take part in his joys,
His words beat the heavy air like a drum,
Soon the worn-out teacher’s pulse began to thrum.

His sweaty fingers began to twitch,
His steady mathematical drone began to hitch,
Normally he would give a warning or two,
But this particular student had long been a thorn in his shoe.

His eyes bugged out as the torrent continued,
His angry thoughts turned to punishments unreasonable and lewd,
He scanned the room, and tested the weight of a chair,
But then he noticed an eraser through the dusty air.

The length was just right, and the weight supreme,
He anticipated the student’s tortured scream,
He lifted it from its silver tray,
He swung his arm and the shot was away.
Zeus looked down from above and made the path right,
The chatter had made his anger ignite,
The students turned and looked on,
The eraser’s dusty tail streaking, its target foregone.

The teacher could not believe his divine luck,
And his eyes lit up as “SHHHHBOOM” it struck,
The thunderous sound rumbled through the grounds,
And afterwards the silence was quite profound.

The author's comments:
This was written as a fictionalized account of a really funny actual event.

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