Dream Job

May 11, 2009
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When Jenna Lee was born on August twenty-first,
Her parents had great dreams for her – they wanted her to be a nurse.
They wanted her to be a lawyer; to be famous; to be smart.
They wanted al her talents and goals to come straight from her heart.
Little did they know that their Jenna Lee would find,
A job perfect and just for her, better than all the rest that come to mind.

When Jenna Lee was only three
She knew exactly what she wanted to be.
Taking charge just like her mother;
Playing school with her younger brother.
Her parents thought, “A teacher she will surely be,
Teaching little children is perfect for our Jenna Lee!”

One Christmas, when Jenna Lee was seven,
She got a baby doll sent from heaven.
Dressed in pink with rosy cheeks,
Jenna Lee played with her baby doll for weeks.
Her parents looked at her and said, “A pediatrician she will be,
Caring for infants will be her specialty!”

The years went by and Jenna Lee grew
Until her graduation in 2002.
As she received her honors up on stage, her parents looked so proud.
“I’ll love you and remember you all,” Jenna Lee solemnly vowed.
“Our little girl grew up too fast,” both her parents cried.
“It’s time for her to go out on her own,” and their tears began to subside.

Now Jenna Lee has found her calling – her dream job has come true.
Seven years since graduation and she has a baby that’s brand new.
When she and her true love were wed,
They had soon picked out their baby’s bed.
A mommy is just what Jenna has always wanted to be.
This is the perfect job for her – both of her parents agree!

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