Run with Truth

May 11, 2009
By Bryan Stauder BRONZE, Swansea, Illinois
Bryan Stauder BRONZE, Swansea, Illinois
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Run to the threshold
Pretending not to see them
Standing, awaiting your return.
See the mist through their tears
And respire

Break away,
To an unknown place where
The grass grows wild
Sounds of life behind corrupted
plains of soil

Jump to the ocean from your
Place of rest


To depths of blue seeking
Forgiveness and healing greed
The sweat of a brow buried
In the dark, crawling blinded
To the certainty of reality

The light
Seeps into minds
Showing the way
To a river of spring, of a light rain

The true ones will
seek your love and take
what you return. They
support your journey regardless

Kevin is gone
To a worse, to a better place
He surfaced his mind
To bring cynical designs to the wall

I do not understand his need. Selfish,
Yet not wrong
He failed in life
Present and past, spurious

Take the flowers they bring
Remain weeping for his sake
Carry the wood holding his body

Let us not embrace who hugs,
Who feels sorry and provide to whom
Does not deserve it

Capture what they give And give
to a better cause, a more suffered being
Spit upon the one track mind
He does not understand the eclectic

you should not listen to anyone
But yourself. Listen
to your being and oversee
The beginning of your end

Hit the bottom of your lifestyle it is no longer
An issue. Preserving breathes as if
We never do again

Morality, rational thoughts,
And the norms of society.
Looking up I see a slice of the moon
Its comfort seems magnanimous

Your fingers along the
Ridged rock and feel
The water falling to your
Enemies, let them drink

Your hate ambition, be
Happy not mainstream
Let go and listen to
The piano in the rain

Become more alive reading
Verse under the limbs
Of fruit. Pick an apple

From behind the shade
Climb the tree so tall.
Pick from the fruit
Sit and endure the organic life

Look across the plains, vast
Trees, clouds, and steam
Embed it in your life
The wallpaper of your thoughts

Do not,
Restrict what you pursue
Self implode in danger
I dare you friends, Jump from this branch

What do you want?
What do you need?

Settle for what you have
In a cottage on the
Countryside in all seasons

To the bare roots of existence
Loving the other being
Searching for nourishment
And the warmth of tomorrow

The higher being
He loves you, love him in return
Nothing else matters
Not even yourself

It’s the truth behind my words
But for now its all about you

Your voice with shouts
If joy no care in mind
No care for tears none for death
Only for life everyday

Each morning on a rooftop
See the sunrise it sparks
Creativity inside

The issues of life with
Stars shining through
Tough times, a violent rain

Revealing to everyone that
We truly never lived

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