The Hum Inside my Head

May 10, 2009
By Addelynn BRONZE, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Addelynn BRONZE, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
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The confines of my mind,
Covered by a wall of thorny vines,
Is one to never cross. You wouldn't
want to find the parts of me I still deny
Or see how much of me is entirely gone.
It whispers and it sings to me,
But never loud enough to cause a scream.

The Crazies made me, I say.
It's not my fault so much aches.
I promise I'm okay;
That it's only these voices
Hiding behind my face.

It all settles and it stirs.
They grow and rip apart my soul.
They keep me from my sleep,
Keep me forever locked
Inside their cage.

These great big iron gates mean
I cannot escape.
They hum and flaunt and breathe
down my skeletal frame.
And they always sing to me:
"It's too late to be saved,
It's too late. It's too late."

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