May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

She takes away my words, though

I'm not sure how

but my tongue is heavy when i speak to her

and my eyes make me feel

like i am drowning.

My throat

is a fire

and my head

an earthquake.

My eyes

are wide and wet

as they search hers

for a way

to make her


My mind

is jumbled,

my words


I look

and feel

like a babbling


My head

is a boom box

and my throat

a volcano.

My stomach

is the sea

and my legs

a crumbling mountain.

I swallow in,

deep breathe,

close my eyes,

and want



To throw something.

To run


I will never

be the same.

My world

is heavy

like my eyes

and my heart.

My lips

are a butterfly's wings

as they feel

the slow current

of the salt water.

My imperfections,

they stand out.

My perfections

don't exist.

I am

a human pariah.

A dead


A smart


I am the rain

in the dirt puddle

and the grass

after a soccer game.

I am the rocks

that have been thrown

and the memories

that have been forgotten.

My song

has been sung

and so repeatedly

it is annoying.

My mascara

has run

and the pink of my cheeks

have been stained.

I rest my head

against the wall

because i can no longer

hold it

on my own shoulders.

My tears

have exploded

and my heart


My alphabet

is missing a few letters

and my number line

has ended.

My movie

is on pause

and i prefer it

to stop.


and reverse

are no longer

an option

as much as I dream.

My light

is now flickering

and will soon

die out.

My feet

are tired

from carrying

too much emotion,

my legs

from running

too hard.

My knees

are bruised

from praying

and my stomach itself

is depressed.

My chest

is thick

and hollow

my throat

is willing to give back.

My voice

has chosen

a strike

and my mouth

has found

a hard life

without it.

My nose

is a stuffed vacuum

my cheeks

are now more frequently salted.

My eyes

would like to stay closed


but cannot

find a way

to be closed

for even

an hour.

My head

is screaming,

my mind

is slowing down,

and my thoughts

a voiceless shout.

My soul

has been


my heart


and my flesh


My body

is everything.


I am hollow


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