The true meaning of love

May 10, 2009
By , sherman oaks, CA
The true meaning of love.
For anybody who wants it

Im just a fool for you.
Im tired of Falling, love me
my name is all here.
The Papers are signed, im ready to give it all. I already have.
Someone I like please, My mind is rage beyond what you can see, keep it at bay. Black and white is my life, I'll die for you, I'll live for you. Please take this chance. My life is no mistake I’m here when you need me. I’m not a mistake. I'll never be a burden I'll only make you stronger. Love destroyed is the end of my life. My misery comes from love. Deep inside I can do anything, give you the sun and the rain. The moon and the Sky falling for us. I hate only what I cant do. I can do anything.
Emo is not a word, not a fashion, not a culture, not a 20 century fad. Its a tradition from time to time. Love is not the word. Its a definition that can only be answered by the leaders of the future. I call Emo, the lost ones found. Love nay. Joy, never. Unreal, always. Destruction is not the path I want to take. I love you. Forever.... and please love me too.

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