Senses of Nature

May 10, 2009
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I may be looking but I cannot see

I may be listening but I cannot hear

I may be sniffing but I cannot smell

I may be feeling but I cannot touch

I may be eating but I cannot taste

What has occurred today,

That is so different from every other day?

What occurrence has been bestowed upon me that prevents my senses from taking place?
I feel as though I am light as a kite
I feel lost without my sight
Am I blind or could it be time of night?
Today I have lost a right
Today I have been provoked of sight

The streets may be bustling, but I cannot see or hear
I may be lonely, or peers may be near
My ears have been clogged, I am profound if fear
For today I have lost my abilities to see and hear

Lights pleasantly pass right by
Scents may be brewed but I cannot smell
I am not sure where I dwell
All I have accumulated is that I cannot tell
As today I have lost my sight, hearing, and smell

I may be walking on a street or cloud but I cannot be sure
For I have forgotten how to see, hear, smell, and touch
I could be walking alone or leaning along a crutch
I do not feel sage wherever I am
This non-sense inhibiting me is too much
For I have lost the power to see, hear, smell, or touch

I do feel a presence between my jaw
It could be dampened air; steam from a local spa
Possibly food; not cooked completely raw
I am not sure what I am eating
For I have been robbed of my sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste

I believe that I have ventured a long journey today
For it has been unlike any other day
I lost my senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste
I cannot say that I have enjoyed it very much
I have walked on these clouds, surrounded in light
I feel the presence of a greater might
Unbeknownst to me where I head, for I have lost my sight
All the information I have is that the location is bright
I am scared, still asleep with fright
I could be surrounded with people but I cannot hear
I do not know where I dwell, I cannot smell
I cannot feel, I lost all touch
I have been distinguished without taste
Where have I been going this entire time?
My body is weak; I am covered in slime
I have lost count of hours past seven
How ironic that forgetfulness occurs after times of luck
It seems that I have been awakened, but now I am stuck
Awaiting me was a golden gate, I have been permitted into a higher ground
My test has been passed, my duties have been fulfilled
Alas! My eyes have finally been opened; I have been with leaven
For God stands before me; welcoming me to Heaven.

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Davis said...
May 19, 2009 at 3:31 am
Loved it!!!
Balkz said...
May 17, 2009 at 5:28 am
That was thought provoking. I really enjoyed it . Keep writing!
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