Irrevocably Forsaken

May 10, 2009
By kayla entrikin BRONZE, Alton, Illinois
kayla entrikin BRONZE, Alton, Illinois
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I didnt know you;yet you betrayed me.
And its because of you that a changed person i will forever be.
You'll never know how that made me feel.
That part of me i feel like will never heal.
you crossed the line when your lips touched his.
Its the reason i go through this
Im never gonna be the same.
Its you i will forver blame.
Im so hurt because he takes your side.
These raging feelings ic annot hide.
I know your jealous and i could care less.
Maybe youll learn that with another girls boyfriend you just dont mess.

The author's comments:
I dont really know what to say baout this, except how could you even bring yourself to do that to someone? and she doesnt even care

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