May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

love is the priority.
we all are lookin for love.
love comes and goes but stays.
love is like the ocean.
love is what we live for.
love is passed by parents to their kids.
love is undestroyable,
for this moment,
the second.
love is peace, but your inner war.
love is for humans. love is for you.
love takes control.
love is not a person,
it is not a feeling.
love is not a condtition nor an action.
love is everything.

love is unpredictable.
love is special.
love is with us.
love is with you.

undonditional love.
never ending love.

love is what we live for.
love is priority.

The author's comments:
i was kin of in a mude to write
and i had all these thoughts about love, i hope you guys like it and it doesn't sound to bad ;)

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