Bright Red Light

May 10, 2009
I race up to the scene with the sword in my hand,
A beast has invaded Shires; I don’t understand.
The speckled dragon flings scorching flames left and right,
He illuminates the night like a bright red light.
Bursting through the gates, I recognized what he planned.

The monster intruded our town to kill the king.
The beast dodged swords and bows with twittering wings.
He unveiled his sly and cunning side while fighting.
Toppling buildings uncovers his prey, exciting.
The beast yelps with joyous cries like a girl that sings.

As my team nears him, fear has struck his eyes, so bland.
The beast strapped to the ground, gave up, I command.
The wily monster’s weakness showed to be its tail.
How ironic, we overcame the beast, how grand!

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