save me

May 10, 2009
By moc794 BRONZE, Lakeworth, Florida
moc794 BRONZE, Lakeworth, Florida
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someone help me save me, from the pain the sorrow and the aguny,my joy is drownig in my pain,and for this reason i cannot explain,this sorrow is like a parasite,it sucks my life while try to go the light,while black roses sufficate my lungs, my angel is in front of me hung,with a smile on its face,it causes me to drop in place,me causing to think im a waste,because to my family im a disgrace,so they satisfy there empty insides,while my angels in the skies dies,while i look inside for forgivness,my angels are motionless,i gave you everything my life, my love,and my heart,but all you did was pull it apart.

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