A Trip to Grandma's

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

One day I was sitting like a lump on a log.
My owners had given me more food than normal
Then they left a chew toy on my bed.
After they had eaten, the big one took me for a walk.
This was surprisingly short because the mean one made him leave.
They gathered together and put all of their belongings in the car and left.
Instantly I knew what was going on.
It was getting hotter and that’s when they always leave.
When ever they leave it feels like they’re gone for months.
Only to have the little neighbor people feed me just enough food to live.
It felt like I was in prison!
Already it was probably 5 days.
There was nothing to do but try and sleep.

Eventually I came to the decision that they had left me.
So I made all the noise I could.
I howled, barked, and screamed at the top of my lungs.
It was working; some of the neighbor people were walking outside.
I ran as quickly as a lightning bolt to the window.
And I watched as they pointed at me.
Finally it got darker and darker and I wore myself out.
I went to sleep right where I was standing.

The sun was up again and I made the assumption that it had been a month.
I started to get restless; I had never been left alone this long before.
They had to come back at some point.
But still I was alone.
I took some of my frustration out on soft items like pillows and blankets.
When I was through with them all there was left was feathers.

I had an idea!
My owners use these “doors” all the time and I’ve seen them do it.
So I bet I could too.
Just lean on this moving bar thing and push.
It worked!! I was so excited for the first time in weeks.
In there was a big soft comfy bed.
When I got on it I thought I would stay here for ever.
But out the corner of my eye was another door.
Maybe something even better lies behind this door.
And there it was.
A giant bag of the food they give me which I opened and I ate like a pig.
After I was finished I thought I could live forever in here.
But the door wouldn’t open from this side.
What am I going to do I thought.
Again I made as much noise as possible but this time I couldn’t see anything.
This room was closed and small.
So after a long time of contemplating I again went to sleep.

I woke up earlier than I normally would to the feeling of an upset stomach.
It must have been all of the food I ate.
I could feel it coming up and before I knew it “splat” I threw up.
Now I had to drink some of the toilet water to rinse my mouth out.
There were some noises coming from a few rooms over.
It had to be my owners.
I was running around bumping into the wall and yelping.
In what felt like centuries my owners opened the doors.
The little ones were laughing at all the messed up pillows and furniture.

But the mean one was about to throw me out after she saw the dog hair on her bed, the ruined sheets and blankets, the barf on the ground, and the huge bag of dog food spilled in the bathroom.
She put me outside in the back yard where I was ecstatic to see what had changed.
But everything outside seemed the same.
The two little kids had asked how one dog could do all of this in one day.

The author's comments:
This idea was from my dog when i went to my grandmother's house.

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This article has 1 comment.

tmele said...
on May. 28 2009 at 1:45 pm
I think this was very accurate. A good dog is always happy to see you even if you have only been gone for an hour.


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