May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

A person is sometimes a friend,
Available to help your heart mend.
Always there through thick and thin,
Even if your heart is made of tin.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes
Having awards and prizes.
They’re happy with you and sad with you.
Your bond strong, like glue.

Friends make me full of glee.
They make me want to climb a tree.
And when I fall, I know a friend will be there
To pick me up and shake leaves from my hair.

Friends will listen with both ears
And cry with you lots of tears.
They will listen to your woes,
Even miss all their favorite shows.

They sit and laugh at your stupid jokes.
They will protect you from mean blokes.
Always there, they shine like stars
And save you from oncoming cars.

Friendship can last a lifetime
And it doesn’t even cost a dime.
A bond that will last forever.
A friendship ending never.

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