I Wonder

May 10, 2009
By Rache_S_3 SILVER, Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Rache_S_3 SILVER, Clearfield, Pennsylvania
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I wonder from time to time, do you ever think of me?
If we were still together now, where would we be?

I still have all the same feelings for you.
I love you, whether or not you believe it to be true.

You were my life, but from me that was taken.
I’m still waiting for the day you’ll tell me you were mistaken.

Only memories I have now, some that bring tears.
All of those flashbacks, they are my true fears.

Even though they hurt, I replay them in my mind.
Then it’s back to the present, pretending everything is fine.

You are my last thought at night, first in the morning.
Our days together were anything but boring.

You stopped me from hurting, from destroying myself.
You made me feel special, like I was someone else.

I can’t stand not seeing you, because I miss you like crazy.
Always running through my mind, I think about you everyday.

You were always there to catch me when I fell.
I didn’t have to say anything; you knew me so well.

It’s hard without you; I miss seeing your face.
But even more, I miss the way your lips taste.

I shared everything about myself with you, no secrets I had.
Not once did you judge me, whether it was good or bad.

Please don’t say this is it, that forever this is the end.
I want to be together, with you, sometime soon, again.

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