Anyone Can Be A Hero

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was a boy.
He loved to spend time in the woods,
and also with his grandma.
They would always bake cookies,
play cards, and have fun.
His presence made the grandma’s day.

However, today was a special day.
Today was so special that even the boy
only hoped that it would be fun.
Would he be able to go in the old woods,
or could he eat his grandma’s soft cookies;
how about just staying with his grandma?

Of these, only one occurred, because grandma
was eaten on this special day.
In fact, she was eaten by some evil cookies
and needed to be rescued by the boy
who would need to venture into the woods,
on a quest that he hoped was fun.

So, the boy set out on his quest of fun
and was determined to save grandma.
He traveled into the dark woods,
and he was unsure if he would see another day,
but he gained confidence ‘cause he was a big boy,
and he knew he was going to slay the cookies.

Soon, he found the base of the sugary cookies
and he knew he was gonna ruin their fun.
He had to attack ‘cause he was a strong boy,
and he needed to save his grandma,
and this was going to be the day
that he brought peace to the creaking woods.

So, he charged through the woods
and into the camp to slay the cookies,
but they knew that he was coming on this day.
However, this was not their day of fun
and the boy saved his grandma
and ate the cookies he was a hungry boy.

So, on this day, a brave boy had fun,
he fought in some scary woods and ate some cookies
to save his grandma and become a good boy.

The author's comments:
This poem is called a sestina and is supposed to follow a unique stanza setup.

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